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~Dear Brigit,

Our May 1st was March 7th, 2022. Our 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma with a large tumor in her abdomen. She spent the first 8 weeks of her diagnosis in the hospital with a portion of that time spent in the ICU on a ventilator with a loss of ⅓ of her blood each day. This was an incredibly tough couple of months for our sweet girl to endure. Not only did she brave through the pain of it all but she had to learn to eat, talk, and walk again after extubation, which at one point the doctor's thought may never be able to come off the ventilator. By the power of God, she did it though and amazed us all! It was only a few days after being transferred from the ICU to the oncology floor that she received an incredible surprise from Scottie's Gift Foundation. A gift basket overflowing with toys and activities that included all of her favorite characters. The iPad becoming her most favorite item to bring with her every time we visit her "vacation home" (hospital), as we started referring to it, since, with the exception of her blankie of course. She's spent a total of 10 out of the past 17 weeks in the hospital since being diagnosed with two additional month-long stays anticipated in the very near future following her surgery next week, so needless to say countless hours have been spent watching her favorite shows and playing educational games to keep her mind stimulated on that iPad. 

I'm sure you are already aware of the significant impact you are making on these children's lives by following through with Scottie's wishes, but if you could have only seen the way our little girl's eyes lit up you could see that what you're doing impacts far more than the patient. It truly brought tears to my eyes. After a very tough start to our daughter's journey, that was the first time we got to see our little girl full of life and personality as we once knew her before all of this. The timing of your gift could not have been any more perfect for her, and my husband and I to witness. We sincerely thank your entire family (especially Scottie) for your generosity and that glimmer of hope when we needed it most.

Although thank you is truly not enough, we hope you know just how grateful we are.

~Hi Brigit... you just gave my daughter a gift basket and we are absolutely blown away!!! I literally had chills and was choked up when we got the gift basket.  My daughter is over the moon with how much she loves each and every item.  We didn't even realize Princess Candyland existed!! She's been drawing on the digital drawing tablet for the past hour and a half. The timing of getting this couldn't have been better since her hemoglobin is really low so we're unexpectedly spending the day at the day hospital getting transfusion.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.  When we read about your foundation it brought me to tears.  Our good friend was your son's nurse and has told me about how
incredible you all are.  I cannot thank you enough, you've absolutely made my daughters day and probably year.  She feels incredibly fancy having an iPad of her own.  What you are doing is absolutely incredible!!  Thank you for making my daughter so happy!  She's been snuggling in her blanket since she got it and bragging nonstop that she has an iPad


~We appreciate the generosity, thoughtfulness, the love that went into the selection, and bringing us lots of smiles.

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